Company Admins have access to the Company Settings page. To get to your Company Settings, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and click Company Settings. 


From here you can configure your account. Settings in this page are organized into tabs on the left side of the screen.

Organization Info: Here you have access to the following settings;

  • Organization Info - Basic company info including address, phone number, etc. This will be pre-filled with your company's information listed on the NMLS Consumer Access website, but you can edit anything you want except the NMLS #. For more information on changing your logo, see: Uploading your Company Logo
  • Lead Assignee - The LO all loans created through your company's main POS link will be assigned to. If this is not set, borrowers applying through your company's main POS link will be prompted to choose their LO at the beginning of their application. For more information, see: Which Loan Officer Receives a Loan from the POS?
  • Business Hours - Does not currently affect system behavior.
  • Domain Settings - This is the URL that you and your staff will use to log in to the system. This always ends in "", and by default starts with your company NMLS number, but that can be customized. For more information, see: Customizing your LOS and POS URLs
  • Compliance Logo
  • DBA Branding Config - Allows you to set a DBA Trade Name for your company and upload a logo for the DBA.
  • Choose Layout Color - This changes the color scheme for your Mortgage Quotes and Initial Fees Worksheets.
  • Generate sample MIN - Enter your MERS ServiceID to generate a sample MIN.
  • Business Contact View Config - Choose whether all users in your company should be able to see all Business Contacts. If disabled, users will only see Business Contacts linked to their assigned loans, or ones added by that user.

Licenses: You must enter your company's state licenses here. If an applicant attempts to apply for a loan in a state you do not have a license entered for on the Company, Branch (if applicable), and User levels, they will be informed of this by the application form.

Note: In states without license requirements, enter a license with no number or any number.

For more information, see: Entering Company State Licenses

Lenders: System Lenders you are registered with will automatically populate here within 48 hours of you completing the registration in the lender's TPO portal. Click +Manual Lender to add a new Manual Lender.

For each lender, you can edit the following;

  • Compensations
  • Fees
  • Mortgagee Clause

For more information, see: Adding Lenders

POS Config: Here you have access to the following settings:

  • Customize which questions are asked in your online application
  • Add custom questions
  • Customize the POS/Application URL for your company
  • Choose if the system should automatically generate client needs as soon as the customer submits their application
  • Choose if the system should allow an application to be submitted without the borrower giving credit consent
  • Choose if the system should force the borrower to complete all required fields to progress or submit the application

For more information, see: POS Configurations

Realtor Config: Here you can customize your Realtor login URL.

For more information, see: Inviting Agents to the Real Estate Agent Portal, Using the Real Estate Agent Portal

Credentials: Here you can enter credentials for Credit Accounts, DO, and LPA. These credentials will be used by the users in your company. You will also enter your Doc Magic credentials here if you are Non-Del. When entering Credit credentials, you will have an optional checkbox to set them to be for Soft credit checks, if not selected it will be used for Hard credit checks.

If your preferred Credit Vendor is not in our list, rest assured that we are trying to add them as quickly as possible.

For more information, see: Entering Credentials

Pre-Approval Letter: Here you can edit the Pre-Approval Letter template.

Plans and Billing: Here you can see and adjust your subscription plan details and your payment method, and see your payment history.

For more information, see: Purchasing Seats at the Company Level

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Integrations: If you have upgraded to the Broker Pro subscription, here you will see your Zapier credentials. Click the API Reference Documentation in the top right corner for more information.

Email Tracking: See all emails sent from your company via the ARIVE platform. Click on one to open it. You can search through the emails using the search bar in the top right corner.

Email Templates: Here you can view and edit all the various templates for system-generated emails, and who they will be sent to.

For more information, see: Updating Email Templates

Client Needs Rules: Here you can edit your company's automatic Client Needs, and create new ones. This can also be customized for individual branches under Branch Settings or by individual LOs under their User Settings. Customizations at the User level will take precedence over Branch level, and Branch level will take precedence over Company level.

For more information, see: Customizing Client Needs Rules

Workflow Rules: This feature is in development and is Coming Soon™.

Closing Costs: Here you can adjust your closing costs and add or remove fees.

For more information, see: Managing Default Closing Costs

Forms List: Here you will see all of the forms that are included with the ARIVE system, and you can also upload your own custom forms.

For more information, see: Creating and Using Custom Forms

Document Sets: Here you can create document sets to streamline the process of sending out multiple documents at once.

Branches: Here you can see all branches that exist within your company. To create a branch, open a ticket or send an email to

For more information, see: Configuring Branches, and Branch Settings

Users: Here you can see the users in your company. You will not see users who are in branches of the company, unless you switch the dropdown to the top right corner to "All". You can create or edit users, and you can transfer users in or out of branches by clicking the "..." Actions button. When you transfer a user, you will be prompted to either transfer their loans with them or reassign them to a different LO.

For more information, see: Adding Users to ARIVE, Setting Users as Self Paid or Company Paid

Roles: Currently all you can do in this tab is click on a role to see a list of users in the company with that role.